About us


“Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work.”

Do The Extraordinary was birthed from a vision to create a local, handmade lifestyle brand that merges edgy, urban design with the outdoors and the natural world that surrounds us. A brand that exists to encourage, inspire, unite and identify with the style and heart of OUR generation. A style-conscious generation committed to seeing their world a better place. A generation cold to the corporate "Machine." A generation of world changers. Passionate about LIVING life! EVERYDAY. Outside of the box.
As we look out on the world, we see a generation longing to live lives of purpose, meaning, and impact. We are part of a generation faced with enormous challenges: the environment, the economy, and human rights violations around the world. We are inspired by the extraordinary people before and around us, the people who decided to make a conscious choice to not follow the ordinary cultural message of passivity. We believe that each person is not only capable of doing extraordinary things, but even more, longs to express themselves in a way that matters and makes a difference in the world. For us, Do The Extraordinary is a platform to connect with others who are deciding that they will not be passive, who will be aware, who will educate themselves about what they believe, and who realize they are responsible for the choices that they make. Those everyday choices that have farther reaching effects and ultimately are shaping our world economically and socially. We are joining this movement that is not new, but rare; is now, but not fad; and is part of a fight to not compromise. We are not asking for you to join us. We are asking if we may join you in this fight.   

With a hunger for MORE, we set out to prove a simple point: We are SO extraordinary, and capable of such extraordinary things... but ultimately, it's what we DO that matters!