Our Bulletproof insert features three layers of protection. The outer layer is hand sewn and made of Ballistic Nylon. Originally developed during WWII for pilot Flak Jackets, it is knife, shrapnel and tear resistant. 

The second layer is the latest in coated/laminated UD (unidirectional) type ballistic Kevlar technology developed by DuPont®, TESTED by certified US Ballistic Lab. 5 times stronger than steel and NIJ II rated to stop handgun rounds up to .9mm and .357 Magnum.

The third layer is a tactical trauma pad. Made from 10mm foam material which will reduce the compression from a projectile strike. Super lightweight and low profile for a complete 3 pc set.

We are not responsible for any misuse of this product, or any bodily injury caused by misuse.


Handmade in Seattle, WA USA

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